a virtual view of health & wellness

health_appleTonight the virtual view heads away from the South Shore and roams freely out into the world wide web. My mission? all that is good for you (including a few things that you probably didn’t want to know…but are still good for you anyway). are our top 5 favorites:

5. Complete Running Network. This blog covers training, injury treatment and prevention, equipment, motivation, racing and more. They’ve created a Running Blog Family, which they claim is the most comprehensive list of running blogs (1037). That’s a lot of blogs!

4. Delish – a great food recipe site that offers a section on Healthy Comfort Food Makeovers.

3. The Real Age Test – we already know our birth age and many of us can guess our mental age (I’m about 8 years old most days)…but do you know your biological age – the age your body really is due to wear and tear (aka “on the inside”)? This quick test will give you the answer. Don’t be shy…go for it. And for those brave souls who do, share it here with your comments (you can keep your number secret).

2. Feline Cat Diet – this amazing cat miracle diet will have you laughing on the floor in stitches.  It’s a joke of course, but one of the funniest things I’ve ever read, especially if you know anything about cats.  Read it and tell us what you think.

1. The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl: Shauna, a.k.a. Dietgirl, chronicles her own personal journey so that other dieters know they are not alone in the process, and that no matter how difficult or easy an article may make losing weight sound, the journey for each individual is different.

If you know of a great healthy site that you love or laugh about – post it here and share with our audience.