South Shore Live Workin’ It in Weymouth

We’ve landed in Weymouth and we’re going to be talking to some major movers and shakers tonight! Join us from 8-10 either at 95.9 FM on your dial or listen through your ‘puter. Yeah, your ‘puter!

We’ll be talking to South Shore Hospital and the South Shore Young Professionals. We’ll be going underwater with South Shore Divers and we’ll be speaking to musician Chris Phillips for our local music lounge update. Join us – and feel free to call in, email or IM us during the show. We wanna hear from you!

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2 Responses to “South Shore Live Workin’ It in Weymouth”

  1. Colette Lauretto says:

    First time listener…enjoyed your show tonight as I was driving to the Hanover Mall with my husband. I got a chance to hear about South Shore Hospital Friends and your comments to Tina. It’s nice to hear what I already know….South Shore is a great place to live and work. And you were right Tiffiney, it’s nice to hear about places on the south shore that we take for granted or never get a chance to check out for ourselves with our busy life styles. And you guys make it all sound like so much fun. Thanks….

  2. Lisa Azizian says:

    Thanks, Colette! We’re glad you tuned in! Keep in touch!

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